About Southern Eyecare, P.C.

In 1995, Dr. Lloyd Mason began Southern EyeCare, P.C., which was formerly the 42-year practice of the late Dr. Robert Elton. Since then, we have grown into a respected practice, serving a large geographical region in South Georgia. We provide a comprehensive range of vision care services which includes prescribing glasses, and we have an extensive selection of over 800 frames in the latest styles, as well as a wide selection of sunglasses. We are also very experienced in fitting contact lenses for patients who may be considered difficult to fit. We provide care for acute eye problems including ocular injuries, foreign bodies and infections. We provide 24-hour emergency care and always have an eye doctor on-call to answer questions and to see patients after hours when needed. We also provide evaluation and management of more chronic eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. We monitor diabetic patients for ocular complications as well as provide consultations for patients.

Our Practice Philosophy revolves around three principles:

  • To glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do, realizing that we ultimately work for Him.

  • To treat our patients the way we would want to be treated. Every patient encounter results in recommendations being made. Our recommendations are always based on what is best for each patient.

  • To provide excellence in eye care, utilizing the latest innovations and research to serve the needs of our patients.

    Notice changes in your eyesight so that those changes can be addressed.

    Our Vision is a wonderful gift that we often take for granted. Protect your vision by making yearly eye exams a part of your health care plan. If you notice changes in your vision, come in sooner as early detection is the key to successful treatment of many eye problems. We offer convenient hours and flexible scheduling to accommodate your busy lifestyle.

    Give your eyes a little boost

    When you trust your eyesight to the team at Southern Eyecare, P.C., you can be confident that we have many tests and exams to help you find out exactly what is wrong with your vision and to be able to help you restore your sight again. Call today to learn more.

    No more guessing games

    As we get older, our eyes age and our vision becomes cloudier due to cataracts. You can count on Southern Eyecare, P.C. to provide you with expert cataract removal surgery so that your vision can be restored. With Lasik eye surgery procedure, you can restore your vision permanently.

    Your vision is one of the most important senses that you have and when it isn't providing you with the clarity that you need, it can have a negative impact on your life. When your vision isn't where it should be, you can miss out on all of the beauty that surrounds you. Call us today when you notice changes in your eyesight so that those changes can be addressed.